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Client Testimonials

"Prompt, reliable, responsive, adaptable (thank you for bearing with us with the date change!!), personable, and fun! Obviously, great taste in music"

Shana Larson

"DJ Prime Frequency is amongst the best DJs in the Bay Area! I have been organizing events and block parties for decades and have worked with some of the most recognizable DJs in the profession and I can without hesitation say that he is on the top of my list for any event small or large. "

George Galviz

"Hired prime frequency for my daughters baptism and couldn’t of been more satisfied. He Arrived early and got the party started until the end. Very professional and had an extensive playlist."

Silvano Gonzalez

"One of the most professional DJs right now. Super smooth mixes. Of a variety of genres musically. Keeps the crowd engaged and entertained at all times. Just have fun and happy. I highly recommend him for a club party wedding bar mitzvah. Can't play anything from Love & Hip Hop reggae to Funk Latin salsa. He's got everything you need craken party. Equipment and music.

DJ BeatMe

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